Taking center stage on Saturday evening will be the Cincinnati-based band The Menus. They will bring everything from Elvis to Boston to the Monkees and even Stray Cats to the music lineup.

The Menus provide incredible live performances in and around the Cincinnati area and just recently play in Lima at Rally in the Alley. They have a great group of top musicians from around southwest Ohio and Kentucky.

Tim Goldrainer, lead vocals, decided to pursue his love of music full time right after high school. He has a unique chemistry with audiences, strong vocal skills and crazy stage antic's. Tim reeks high energy, leaping into the air, kicking balloons full of confetti. He will keep the crowd interacting with the band at all times and if someone leaves a Menus concert without dancing, laughing, he didn't succeed in his goals.

Jimi Orwig, keyboard and vocals joined the Menus in 1989. A very talented keyboard player, he now has found his unique singing voice as well.  He enjoys a variety of sounds and styles of music. His basement is full of equipment and he spends his free time at home "playing with his toys".

Steve Chiod, lead and acoustic guitar, vocals, strapped on his six strings as a Menu in 1997 in Columbus. After many gigs he settled into the band with the ability to have his guitar sound as it needs to sound for any song or situation.

Johnathan Grooms, bass guitar, backing vocals & lead vocals, caught the eye of the Menus in 2015 when they were in search for a new bass player. His impressive background and strong playing style and powerful vocals were quickly a perfect fit for the band.

Brandon Ryan, drums, percussion, is the heart of the Menus. After dropping out of college his father and him began playing gigs in the Cincinnati area. That's how the Menus began. He realizes to have survived so long in such a normaly shaky and not always reliable profession requires a little luck, the right people and natural chemistry. The Menus was and is the only band he has ever been with.  Knock on wood.

The Menu's wouldn't make it without a sound man and John Stanley doesn't let them down. John's natural ability with stage effects and lighting make him the perfect fit.  His artistic skills were used on numerous Menus t-shirt designs throughout the years.

Friday and Saturday entertainment are always FREE at Canal Days! Also, join us from 4 - 7 under the social tent both days for acoustical entertainment. Happy Hour from 4 - 7 Friday and Saturday.