4:00 PM - 7:00 PM




8:00 PM - 12 MIDNIGHT



The EARTHQUAKER'S are men named Jacob Byler, Seth Byler and Isaiah Work that came together in 1994 to re-invent how much fun people could have if they just left their cares at the door and decided to have the time of their lives.

Brothers' Seth and Jacob had been playing together for about a year bringing together the power rhythm that you hear every night and sometimes taken for granted for it's so smooth, yet tight sound.  Isaiah gets a call to come along and add some vocals to the mix and then along comes Micah Shetler form western Ohio, the most powerful force in Rock and Roll.

Everything becomes play for the band. The Earthquaker recess!!! Rock and Roll entertainment will never be the same! How about this? put on some headphones with your favorite band playing and run as fast as you can into a brick wall.  You pick yourself off the floor, put the headphones back on and do it again because the music is so great and it feels so good doing it.

Power! Power! Power! Takes the Earthquakers' to new heights. The smile tells it all,he loves to have a great time. Hear the thunder, feel the thunder, here comes the storm!  It's not about the music, it's about the guys who make the music! You do the drinkin' and let the Earthquaker's do all the work!  Rip your faces off with rock and roll! come out and have a good time and check your trouble at the door.